Theatre West Club

Live Performances of Plays and Musicals

Earning your applause...


Theatre West is an organization for Sun City West residents interested in any or all phases of theatre, and participation in play or musical productions; to provide acting, training, and experience; and to present theatrical productions for the community.

Theatre West became a chartered club in 1980 and has grown to a membership of over 280 members.

With the completion of the Stardust Theatre in 1989, Theatre West became a viable performing art club whose success has attracted sell-out audiences for every production.

Theatre West has also added both a fully equipped scenery shop and a storage building to Recreation Center property from funds accumulated from performance proceeds.

The theatre has been equipped with state of the art lighting and sound equipment and all income from ticket sales (after expenses) are used to continually improve the theatre.

Open to all members and their accompanied guests. Anyone may purchase tickets to shows at the box office above.


Many of your neighbors are extremely sensitive to scents and suffer when they attend public events. Please be thoughtful about how much perfume or cologne you apply.